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Our reputation is based on our people, one of the most talented creative, technical and production teams in the postproduction industry.

About Entropy

Entropy Studio Team

More than fifteen years of quality and innovation have established Entropy Studio as a recognised Studio for visual effects, design, animation, VFX, mattepaint, steresoscopy, motion graphics creation and in general all services related to postproduction and visual effects for both film and advertising.

Ignacio Lacosta and Jaime Cebrian founded Entropy Studio in 2003. Their partnership and combined talents were immediately recognized within the advertising and film community and the company quickly became successful. Since its constitution, Entropy Studio has made some of the most award-winning spots in Spain, also achieving International awards.

In 2008, The first feature made entirely in Digital Cinema, "Magic Journey to Africa", takes Entropy Studio at the forefront of stereoscopic visual effects produced in Europe.

With Entropy Studio Corp in Los Angeles the company grows, with stunning productions as ZERO or QUANTUM BREAK

Entropy Studio Zaragoza