“Cable Girls” is directed by Carlos Sedes and David Pinillos and has been produced by NETFLIX in collaboration with Bambú Producciones. All the VFX and the Generation of the Gran Via in the 1920s, have been made in Entropy Studio.

Entropy Studio signed an agreement with the Photo Library of the Cultural Heritage Institute of Spain, MECD (Ministry of Culture) to have access to Gran Vía’s images from the 20s time, that allowed to rebuild the lower part of the buildings with their stores that Is what has changed the most during these 80 years. The work was done entirely at 4K and at 16 bits of color-depth, and all was converted later to HDR.

The post-production process for the development of the Gran Via, people, cars, preparation of graphic resources ... has done during more than four months, in which a team of twenty people from Entropy Studio worked. After this process was achieved the total recreation of the Gran Vía of the twenties in high resolution.

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