Tadeo Jones is an animated character and it was born in 2001.It was created by Enrique Gato. He finished his personal proyect and he wanted to create a new character for making more dynamic stories. This character, Tadeo, was the main character of the most awarded Spanish short animated.

Tadeo is a construction worker that lives in Chicago and he dreams about being an important archeologist as good as Max Mordon. He is clumsy and always is in trouble with something. When Enrique Gato started creating Tadeo, he thought to do a parody of Indiana Jones. 

The animated feature by Lightbox Entertaiment is scheduled to be released in 2012. Entropy Studio is developing the visual FX and stereoscopic render for Apuntolapospo.

You can watch a sneak preview on Goya’s Award 2012 presentation, where Tadeo help the hostess giving the Best Animated Featured Award in 2012.

Presentation of Best Animated Featured by Tadeo on Goya's Awards 2012

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